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Barn Media are a full video production and editing service but we recognise that sometimes our clients don’t need all the bells and whistles, they may just need a single camera operator or help with editing and post-production during the end stages of your project. Often budgets are tight for small filmmakers in Wales and they have to run with a skeleton team and services. No problem.

Whatever the skill set your project requires, we have an extremely professional and reliable team of crew members on hand to fill your position. All our crew are carefully chosen and recruited for their professionalism, talent and their ability to be an asset to any team. We look for a great attitude to work, technical proficiency, people skills and the ability to take direction when we recruit crew, so our clients can be confident they will receive the same level of quality from us regardless of the size of their project, or the level of involvement they need from us.

We understand that crewing can be problematic for many film and video productions. And we pride ourselves at Barn Media for bringing enthusiasm to any sized project and irrelevant of the size of our role in it. Honesty, we all just love being part of the process!

Alongside supplying professional camera crew hire, we also offer a full range of broadcast camera hire and kit for TV, film, and corporate video production and post-production.

We work regularly with the main broadcast camera formats (FS7, C300, P2, etc) and can provide whatever equipment is needed for your project and can cater to any budgeting constraints.
If you require your material to be edited, we can easily arrange editing either in one of our edit suites or using a portable Mac laptop, as well as FTP from location.

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