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Chris Coleman, Dare to Dream, BBC1

The Airport, ITV

Wales on TV, ITV

Rugby at War, ITV

Wales at the Euros, ITV

Elizabeth’s Wales, BBC1

People love documentaries. Real life is often as compelling as anything the human mind can imagine and we are all fascinated by the stories of everyday people. Some might say that storytelling is in our DNA, it’s how we teach our young and how we reach out to new people and audiences. Documentaries can pull you in, they are immersive, they can resonate but the factual can also be beautiful. Here at Barn Media, we strive to find that balance with you and we specialise in bringing stories to life with a strong narrative driven style.

Barn Media produce factual television documentaries spanning a wide variety of subject matter, style and tone and appealing to diverse audiences. We thrive on bringing complex subject matter and processes to life and for a variety of broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV.

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